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Back & Neck Pain

What can I do for my back and neck pain?

Throughout our studio, we promote good health with yoga and massage therapy; both designed to promote good health and healing. Ailments come and go, but why are you feeling pain in your back and neck? It can be caused by stress, tension, and lack of exercise and flexibility.

The human body and brain are reactionary to the everyday stresses life is constantly throwing at us. With proper exercise, stretching, yoga and massage therapy, relief may be closer than you think.



” have suffered with a bad lower back almost annually for the last 40 years. In 2017 it acted up again and I went through my normal chiropractic care but after 4 weeks, I still had my pain. I started physical therapy and since the pain didn’t subside, I continued it for 7 ½ months. During that time I also tried E-Pat, acupuncture, and had an epidural. Nothing worked. My pain management doctor suggested yoga. At my wit’s end, I came into the Elements of Yoga studio and spoke to Kevin. He explained how bad his back was and how yoga had helped him. As I was dying to get better, I jumped in, going 3 days a week. Within 2 weeks my back was starting to respond. I was back to all my activities soon after, including my passion, golf. I’m so happy I started. On top of going to the studio, I since have incorporated yoga into my regular daily life. I highly recommend Elements of Yoga to everyone because we all need to stretch and build our core. They have all levels of yoga, no matter what your amount of experience has been. All of the instructors are well trained and, above all, caring and friendly. Thanks”

Peter LaCorte


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