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A fusion workout blending pilates, barre,and yoga

One of our most popular classes, Barrelates is a fusion style workout blending Pilates, Barre, and yoga techniques. This challenging workout was created to seamlessly flow from one move to the next using tension and high repetitions to build a long and lean body profile. Sometimes the workout will include light weights or a chair or resistance bands.



inner peace



Monday: 8am – 11am, 4:30 – 9pm

Tuesday: 9am – 12pm, 4:30pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday: 6am – 11:00am, 6pm – 9pm

Thursday: 9am – 12pm, 4:30pm – 9pm

Friday: 9am – 11am, 6pm – 7pm

Saturday: 8am – 12pm

Sunday: 9am – 12pm

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