Many people have come to Elements of Yoga in search of a cure for or to get some relief from back and/or neck pain.  After suffering from lower back problems for many years, I told my doctor that I was thinking about taking up yoga or Pilates to avoid any further back problems.  I asked him if he had suggestions or preferred one over the other.  He didn’t have a preference.  The only thing he said was that any exercise that was low impact that strengthened the core muscles would be beneficial.

I decided to leave the gym completely behind and begin to practice yoga regularly.  Immediately when I started, I realized how badly my body needed yoga.  I never realized how immobile I really was.  Even holding in the simpler yoga poses was a major challenge due to my lack of flexibility and weak core.  Tightness in the back muscles is a major cause for back pain.  This was an issue for me.

Through yoga I found relief from back pain by moving the body in all directions through forward bends, back bends, side bends and twists.  We also create space in the spine by lengthening the back and neck properly in correct form.  Once the spine is lengthened, we move slowly through twists and turns into our poses, creating strength and flexibility.


Core strength is also key to protect the spine.  When we build the core muscles, and create great support for the spine, the spine ends up having less pressure on each vertebra.  Stronger core muscles help us stand taller with good posture, in turn keeping the spine nice and aligned.  Back pain can also come from tightness in other parts of the body, such as the hips and the hamstrings.  A well-balanced yoga practice lengthens and strengthens all of these muscles.  This whole-body approach in yoga reduces pain and discomfort levels and allows us to lead a happier and healthier life.

– Kevin Nowicki, owner of Elements of Yoga

To get started on your journey to relieving back and neck pain with yoga, contact us at (732) 414-6947. We offer warm yoga and hot yoga classes for all skill levels. To learn more about our yoga studio, Elements of Yoga, click here:

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