Elements of Yoga is proud to have such a warm following. Our reviews and testimonial on Google and Facebook are reflective of how we make people feel when they are inside the studio. Our Knowledgable instructors are kind and compassionate. We always will go the extra mile to make sure your experience here is welcoming, fun and challenging. Below are just a few of the things our clients have said about Elements of Yoga:

When I entered Elements of Yoga in 2018 I was searching for something to help me after a cancer scare. What I found was an environment where Kevin (the owner) the instructors and the other members are warm, friendly and fun! More importantly, the instructors are extremely fit, extremely knowledgeable and have a ton of patience!

Because of everyone at Elements of Yoga my mental and physical health have improved – I’ve lost most of the weight I gained after my surgeries and for an added bonus – I’ve gained muscle tone, improved my flexibility and I found I have a new passion for a different kind of fitness. I look forward to my classes and I’m usually very sad when I miss one. I am hooked and I am excited to continue practicing and balancing!!

I can’t say enough about Elements of Yoga!

Mayra Perez-Lowey

I have suffered with a bad lower back almost annually for the last 40 years. In 2017 it acted up again and I went through my normal chiropractic care but after 4 weeks, I still had my pain. I started physical therapy and since the pain didn’t subside, I continued it for 7 ½ months. During that time I also tried E-Pat, acupuncture, and had an epidural. Nothing worked. My pain management doctor suggested yoga. At my wit’s end, I came into the Elements of Yoga studio and spoke to Kevin. He explained how bad his back was and how yoga had helped him. As I was dying to get better, I jumped in, going 3 days a week. Within 2 weeks my back was starting to respond. I was back to all my activities soon after, including my passion, golf. I’m so happy I started. On top of going to the studio, I since have incorporated yoga into my regular daily life. I highly recommend Elements of Yoga to everyone because we all need to stretch and build our core. They have all levels of yoga, no matter what your amount of experience has been. All of the instructors are well trained and, above all, caring and friendly.

Peter LaCorte

I love this yoga studio! Fantastic space, classes and teachers! I personally take several classes here a week and recommend all my friends to the studio as well. The wide range and variety of classes offered each week sets this studio apart from other yoga studios in the area. The instructors are passionate, compassionate and genuinely care for their students. I recommend this studio for all ages and people looking for safe and friendly place to learn about yoga. Come try it out!

Barbara Slabinski

As a yoga instructor myself, I am loving the ability to practice in this space. The variety of classes allow for every yogi to find a just right class for their ability. Mixed level classes offer modifications and variations, and instructors do a great job of keeping things interesting. The advanced class is perfect for those looking for a push in their practice! The studio is clean and welcoming, the instructors are amazing and varied. Check it out for sure!!

Katrina Retzlaff

Elements of Yoga is more than a yoga studio. Here you will find a diverse community of welcoming friendly students and advanced yoga instructors. Our services are designed to help you face the challenges of everyday living, boost your energy levels, strengthen your body and relax (calm) your mind.

We offer warm yoga and hot yoga classes for all skill levels. To learn more about our yoga studio, Elements of Yoga, click here or give us a call at (732) 414-6967.

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