As hot yoga continues to become more popular in America people are finding many benefits and improvements in their lives because of it.  Many of those who have found yoga and continued with a dedicated yoga practice have switched from warm yoga to hot yoga.  The benefits of hot yoga are many, including increased flexibility, release of toxins through sweating, and improved strength and balance.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

With the use of electric radiant heat in our hot yoga studio, the objects in the room heat up, this in turn raises the air temperature as well.  Your body will heat up from the far infrared long wave radiance which increases flexibility much more quickly compared to using forced hot air.  You will not see the same benefits with forced hot air, and you will also not have to deal with uncomfortable hot air blowing on you and avoid the stirring of pollens, germs, or odors.  Adding in the element of heat also makes the practice more of a cardiovascular workout, allowing you to burn more calories, and enhancing weight loss.  Exercising in about 104 degrees will always be challenging and will perpetuate sweat. 

Hot yoga has become so popular that people have come to actually enjoy sweating while simultaneously pushing their flexibility to the limits.  Although it’s physically challenging, at the same time you reduce stress by becoming fully engaged in your breath and the pose, and forget about your stressors.  Unwind and de-stress your body with this rejuvenating sauna-like alternative. 

Another benefit of hot yoga is that it detoxifies your body.  When your body is sweating, this means that all of your body’s toxins are being flushed out and makes you feel re-energized after class.  In yoga we use every muscle in the body and it creates great strength, especially core strength.  It is such a great alternative for exercise that has little to no impact on the joints.  There’s strong, and then there’s yoga strong!  The control and balance we gain from learning how to activate all of your muscles is very unique.  Hot yoga is good for your skin as well.  Heat is known to help open your pores and cleanse your skin.  Be sure to clean your skin after a class though. 

To get started on your journey to relieving stress and detoxifying your body, contact us at (732) 414-6947. We offerwarm yoga and hot yoga classes for all skill levels. To learn more about our yoga studio, Elements of Yoga, click here:

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